Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner

Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner

The Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner is a robust stand-alone plug-and-play apparatus for the rapid identification of liquids containing explosive substances.  Key features are:

  • Exceptionally fast liquid identification in less than one second.
  • Fastest Type B (unopened bottles) apparatus on the market.
  • ECAC Standard 3approved for use at airport security checkpoints.
  • Works with any bottle containing 50 millilitres of fluid or more.
  • No ionizing or laser radiation hazard.
  • Automatic scanning.  No push button start required.

This class-leading speed of the Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner makes it ideally suited for use at airports or where large numbers of people and baggage need to be checked.  The Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner can also be used at staff security checkpoints, customs controls and the entrances to any restricted areas such as prisons, courts and other secure locations.


The Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner is based on a patented multimode microwave near-field sensor technology.  The properties of the liquid are measured through the bottle wall, ensuring that the bottle or container can remain sealed.  Liquids are distinguished according to their dielectric permittivity, molecular relaxation and ionic conductivity.  The Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner examines these properties to distinguish between potentially hazardous items such as flammable liquids or liquid explosives from soft drinks, alcoholic liquids, shower gels, milk, yoghurt and other such liquids.


The bottle to be tested is placed on the sensor plate and the result is displayed in one second by the display of either a green or a red screen, and the word 'Pass' or 'Fail' (in any desired language).  The system recovers instantaneously in readiness for the next scan.


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