Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector

Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector
Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector
Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector

The Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector is a handheld device for contactless detection of flammable and explosive liquids inside sealed vessels (bottle screening).  The Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector uses the principles of quasistatic electrical tomography to detect the presence of explosive material in a container and prevent would-be terrorists from carrying dangerous liquids.

The Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector estimates the distribution of electrical properties of a liquid inside a container, regardless of container size, thickness, or any air gap between the detector and the container.  The detector has the ability to quickly check the contents of sealed, non metallic (i.e. glass, plastic, cardboard etc) containers without opening the container.  It distinguishes various flammable, deflagrable and other dangerous liquids such as gasoline, acetone, nitroglycerine, etc, from safe ones.

The Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector is ideal for speedy searching at mass transport locations such as airports, railroads, ships, as well as crowded public areas, such as sports venues and theatres.  VIP locations and areas of restricted access are also ideal areas for the use of the Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector.

Key features of the Explosives and Flammable Liquids Detector:

• Time required to make one inspection — 0.5 s
• Minimum amount of liquid — 50 ml
• Container wall thickness — up to 0.8 cm
• Container wall materials — any non-metallic (glass, plastic, paper, ceramics, etc.)
• Indication — Light and sound
• Weight — 170 g
• Dimensions — 207x70x30 mm
• Power supply — 2 AA-type batteries
• Library of tested liquids — more than 800 liquids
• Average battery life — 100 hrs




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