EN5000 GC/IMS Desktop Explosives & Narcotics Detector

EN5000 GC/IMS Desktop Explosives & Narcotics Detector
  • Ultrafast GC/IMS orthogonal technology
  • Simultaneous explosives/narcotics detection
  • Vapour/particle sampling modes
  • Air or nitrogen carrier media
  • Multi-mode operation for enhanced compound specific applications
  • Ramped GC for an expanded range of compound detection
  • Embassies & consulates
  • Field or forensic use
  • Police & bomb squads
  • Airport and sea ports
  • Customs
  • Military and Defence
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Prisons

The EN5000 is the latest dual technology detector based on the highly reliable and accurate Gas Chromatography/Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (GC/IMS) technology.  This robust and innovative explosives/narcotics detector is user friendly,  adaptable and easy to operate and maintain.  A new sampling strategy reduces operator fatigue and drastically reduces consumbable costs.

Size:       74 x 64 x 56 cm

Weight:   44 kg

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