Complete Security

Complete Security is our description of the comprehensive palette of products which SDMS Security Products UK Ltd offers to its clients. You will find our products on this website are organised into the categories shown in the menus above. These products are of the highest quality and offer extremely good value for money.

We are constantly updating our products as well as adding to our product range, but should you require an item of equipment not shown here please tell us and we will obtain it for you!  Our aim is to provide a professional service to our clients, not just by supplying our advertised products but also by providing advice about other products that will best suit our clients' needs.

Complete Security is a matter of ensuring all-round defence, rather than just defending what appears to be the most vulnerable point.   A threat assessment will therefore identify all vulnerable points and the best means of deterring, preventing or defending an attack.  We can advise on the best equipment necessary for whatever response is required.

Many of our clients know exactly what item(s) of equipment(s) they wish to procure. However, if you are not sure exactly what equipment would best suit your needs please send us a Statement of User Requirement (SUR) together with any specifications and we will advise accordingly.