Innovation instead of stagnation

SDMS Security Products UK Ltd aims to stay at the very forefront of technological developments.

To that end, we have recently added to our product range new pieces of equipment, both of which employ state-of-the-art technology and which set new bench-marks for their respective functions.

The Sealed Bottle Liquid Scanner detects explosive substances by analysing the contents of bottles without needing the bottles to be opened.  Analysis is  fast (1 second) and ensures that no unnecessary bottleneck is caused to the throughflow of passengers/vistors.  

The Ferromagnetic Search Pole detects any ferrous metal that is moving.  It is designed to alert security staff if someone has a mobile phone on him/her when entering a room or area in which mobile phones are not permitted.  Even senior staff have been caught out!  Further details of each product may be found on the individual web page for each item.

We are continually reviewing and updating our product range, and we are constantly seeking new and innovative solutions to counter the threats posed both to individual and to national security.  If you require an item of equipment that is not listed on our website please ask us, and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Our aim is to supply our customers with equipment that suits their needs.  If you think any of our products could be improved or modified to better meet your needs please tell us.

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SDMS Security Products UK Ltd is one of the UK's largest suppliers of anti-terrorist and internal security equipment, and supplies governments and government departments worldwide, as well as many large corporate clients.

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