Powered Folding Manipulator

Powered Folding Manipulator
Powered Folding Manipulator
Powered Folding Manipulator

The SDMS Powered Folding Manipulator allows the operator to pick up and move a suspect device using a remotely-controlled, electrically-powered manipulator grab. The grab is mounted on the end of a foldable 5 metre aluminium tube, which keeps the operator at least 3 metres from a suspect device.

The tubes are unfolded and locked in position and then the extended electrically Powered Folding Manipulator grab is attached to the end of the front tube.  The grab can hang free, or can be locked in a horizintal position. In either case, it can be rotataed under electrical power to align with the suspect device and it can then be gently picked up and moved, either to be examined by IED experts or removed/destroyed. 

The battery and an adjustable weight are fitted to the rear of the tube, while the electrical controls are located at the operator's hand position.

The Powered Folding Manipulator can be used to lift light loads using a shoulder strap, or heavier loads can be lifted and moved using the lightweight wheels assembly which can easily and quickly be mounted onto the manipulator. 

The unit is fitted with a small container to carry lead-shot and provide an adjustable counter-weight.


Tubes:       5 metres of 50mm diameter 6082 aluminium tube
                  Keeps the operator 3 metres from the grab

Grab:         Electrically-powered for grip and rotation
                  Machined aluminium arms and jaws opening to 200mm

Battery :    12v sealed lead-acid at rear extremity of tubes

Capacity:   Max Lift  -   12kg  (with wheels fitted)
                                       5kg  (without wheels)


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