MK4 Hook & Line Kit

MK4 Hook & Line Kit

Also in use for more than 20 years, the MK4 Hook & Line Kit comprises a very wide variety of components for attaching a line to a suspect IED and then manoeuvring it along a complex route in a single operation.  The 120m line enables the removal operation to be conducted remotely.

The  MK4 Hook & Line Kit includes devices for anchoring snatch blocks to floors, walls, windows and door frames, as well as a sledge and telescopic pole.  All components fit into a compact carrying case.

The sledge can be used to improve the manoeuvrability of a suspect object on stairs or rough ground and to prevent snagging at corners.  The telescopic pole which extends to 3m may be used to attach a hook and line remotely.  All components fit into a compact carrying case and can easily be carried by one man leaving one hand free.

Size:        113 x 56 x 40cm

Weight:    25kg


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