HAL GS General Service Hook & Line Kit

HAL GS General Service Hook & Line Kit

The HAL GS provides the operator with the core capability of the full HAL EOD/IEDD system with an expanded choice of options to enable an EOD operator to successfully dispose of hazardous devices.

The HAL GS is the most comprehensive hook & line kit with a modern design and versatile components.  Each item has been invented and re-designed to enhance maximum tactical versatily for a wide range of scenarios involving buildings, vehicles (road, water and air) and urban/rural locations.

Combining versatility, field-proven performance and multifunctional design, the HAL GS allows EOD operators to move, attach. anchor. reach, manipulate, handle and access hazardous items.

The kit contains over 100 heavy duty components including, high strength lines and reels, special hooks, pulleys, bar clamp anchors and heavy duty cantilever crocodile grips.  A GS LIte HAL Kit with fewer components is also available.

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