IEDD Operator’s Tool Kit

IEDD Operator’s Tool Kit
IEDD Operator’s Tool Kit
IEDD Operator’s Tool Kit

This third iteration of the IEDD Operator’s tool kit has been developed with the collaboration of active service EOD operators from both the military & humanitarian sectors to provide a set of hand tools and accessories that are fit for purpose for use in various types of tasks.

The toolkit is supplied in a 1000D Cordura nylon case, the case has an external pocket and Molle webbing for attachment of pouches (not supplied as standard), internally the case has 4 large removeable Velcro back pouches with transparent lids to store the tools.


Pick up Tool with mirror attachment

Mole Grip 250 mm

Mole Grip 200 mm

Ratcheting Wrench 17-24 mm

Ratcheting Wrench 13-19 mm 

Ratcheting Wrench 8-14 mm


Wire Strippers

Stubby Claw Hammer   

Utility Bar

Retractable Utility Knife  

Ceramic EOD Knife

Ceramic blades for Utility knife 

AA Torch

Circuit Tester    

Insulating Tape

Junior Hacksaw    

Mini Hacksaw

Wire Saw     

Needle File Set (6 files)

Ceramic EOD Scissors   

Instrument Screwdriver Set

TX Screwdriver Set   

CMP 2 Prodder

Trowel attachment for CMP2  

EOD Scrush tool


Spare Saw Blades

Cable Ties     

Selection of Pins


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