Multi-Purpose EOD Crimping Tool

Multi-Purpose EOD Crimping Tool

The Multi-Purpose EOD Crimper, commonly known as the Mk6 dual cap crimper, is made of high strength aircraft-quality aluminium with a hard anodized finish, and is finely engineered. 

Minimising the number of tools that a bomb technician needs to carry, the Multi-Purpose EOD Crimper combines a cap crimper with powder punch and tube/fuse cutter.

Designed for single-handed operation, the Multi-Purpose EOD Crimper makes a single crimp in one motion.  The crimper will easily handle NONEL tube and fuse and detonation cord from 2mm to 4mm diameter.

This new improved version features a lanyard attachment point for a key ring-style lanyard.  The built in pliers are particularly useful when pinching shocktube.  The pliers allow the manipulation of the shock tube back into the original shape.  These crimpers have a very smooth action and are of the highest quality.  The crimpers are designed for the EOD, Bomb Squad, IED, Military and law enforcement sector.

Size:  17cm

Weight:  73g

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