LTT Low Temperature Thermite

LTT Low Temperature Thermite
  • Electrically initiated
  • Reduced risk of accidental detonation
  • Intrinsically safe to store and transport
  • Classified HD/.CG 1/4S (2004)
  • Simple to deploy
  • Reliable against most HE fillings

The Low Temperature Thermite (LTT) is an electrically initiated thermite contained in a bag and is designed for the safe and simple disposal of explosive ordnance, explosives and propellants.  It is slow burning and is designed to ignite explosive compositions without the risk of detonation.

LTT  has been successfully used by the UK Ministry of Defence since 1993 to ignite a wide range of civil and military explosives including Torpex, RDX/TNT Types A and B, Hexolite and isolate CDB.  It is designed to heat the exterior surface of a 3mm wall tube (e.g. a shell or bomb casing) limiting the LTT to an even temperature of 250°C and holding it for 3 minutes.  Its packaging provides maximum heat transfer and allows the thermite to become semi-liquid on ignition and to flow into cavities such as fuze wells and pockets.  It burns for approximately 30 seconds and so causes the explosives to burn rather than to detonate.

Gross carton weight (containing 75 x LTT units):  14.6kg

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