MD8 Plus Mine and Metal Detector

MD8 Plus Mine and Metal Detector

The MD8 Plus Mine and Metal Detector is an up-graded version of the MD8, which was originally designed to meet British Army requirements to detect objects with a minimum metal content.  The equipment is now also in use by search operators with the U.S. Army and many other armies, as well as with Police Forces.  It is also recommended for use in Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo by the United Nations.

Because the micro-processor-controlled MD8 Plus Detector is largely automatic in operation, being self-adjusting to its immediate environment, it is very simple to operate with only a minimum of training required.  The equipment is totally sealed, waterproof and submersible.  All elements have been integrated into a single unit incorporating a control unit, batteries and telescopic halo head assembly.

Operating weight:  2.4kg

Operating length:   Maximum - 1560mm

                               Minimum - 1120mm

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