MD3000 Mine Detector

MD3000 Mine Detector

The MD3000 is a versatile, multi-purpose metal detector which provides police and military operators with a reliable, easily operated instrument offering excellent detection performance. It addresses requirements for crime scene and area search, counter-IED operations, explosive ordnance clearance and post-event investigation.

*Three pre-set sensitivity levels       *LED display and audio tone
*Low battery indication                     *Optimised power consumption
*Interchangeable detection heads    *Automatic self test

The MD3000 is powered by three easily replace “D” cell batteries. The power efficient design gives approximately 12 hours of use from a single set of alkaline batteries. The unit will also operate from rechargeable nickel-metal-hydride batteries. The detector includes easily interchangeable detection heads, a robust halo for rapid area search and a probe for precision detection in restricted areas.

The MD3000’s electronics are assembled and tested using computer-controlled equipment for a high degree of reliability and are housed in a slim, rugged and ergonomic case.


Weight:  2.1kg with probe including batteries
              2.4kg with halo including batteries

Temperature Range: -20°C to +50°C

Shock:   Survives 0.75m drop onto concrete

Controls:   Off/sensitivity: Four position rotary control                

                  Instant null: Push button Audible alarm: 

                 Rotary volume control



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