Low Cost Ground Search Detector

Low Cost Ground Search Detector
  • Inexpensive
  • Audio and silent vibration alarm
  • High sensitivity to ultra small targets
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Advanced polycarbonate construction
  • Powered by a single 9v battery

The low cost, high sensitivity, Ground Search Detector is manufactured by long-standing experts in the field of metal detection and is a ruggedly constructed, competitvely priced metal detector designed for ground search operations.

Although originally designed for Police search operations, the detector has surprised military experts at its ability to detect buried items with minimal metal content, as well as with its ease of use.

Probe diameter:       20cm (8")

Height:                     36" handle to floor (short mode)

                                56" fully extended

Weight:                    1.5kg (3.21lbs)

Power:                     Standard 9 volt alkaline battery

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