Viziscope Fibrescope With Infra-Red Lighting System

Viziscope Fibrescope With Infra-Red Lighting System

The Viziscope Fibrescope With Infra-Red Lighting System is a widely used fibrescope with a 600mm working length and a finely tapered, 1.6mm diameter pin-hole tip. This tip provides an outstandingly bright image with a seemingly endless depth of image sharpness. The equipment is supplied as a complete kit, complete with a high-resolution monochrome CCD camera, hands-free monitor, as well as an infra-red illumination board and carrying case.

The Viziscope Fibrescope uses an infra-red light source and the portable mini-monitor, which is supplied with a waist and neck strap for hands-free use.  The Viziscope Fibrescope can "see" up to 4 metres in areas of complete darkness. This makes the equipment ideal for covert surveillance and search tasks, such as looking under a door to examine the contents of a room or container, looking inside cavities and voids etc. Viewing is 0° directly forward, with a wide angle 70° field of view.

The infra-red illumination board, which is powered by a belt-mounted rechargeable battery, provides "black light" which is invisible to the naked eye and thus cannot be seen by the occupants in a room. However, with the use of the high-resolution CCD camera an image can clearly be seen on the mini-monitor.

Optional 30° and 90° field of view are available.

General Specifications:

Insertion Tube Diameter: 4.0mm
Insertion Tube Lengths Available: 600mm (others available on application)
Insertion Tube Bend Radius: 250mm minimum
Insertion Tube Field of View: 70° (others available on application)
Interchangeable Tips available: 0° forward, 30° and 70° oblique
Eyepiece Configuration: 31.75 standard European eyecup
Eyepiece focus: Diopter Type
Pixels: 30,000

Higher resolution Viziscope with 50,000 pixels also available

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