Viziscope Fibrescope Kit

Viziscope Fibrescope Kit

The Viziscope is a very competitively priced flexible endoscope designed for covert surveillance and search applications.  It provides outstanding performance and is ideal in locations where the ambient illumination is poor.  Only a tiny viewing aperture is required, such as a key hole or the space under a door.

An operator simply inserts the tip of this 4mm diameter by 720mm working length flexible endoscope through a suitable aperture.

The Viziscope eyepiece has diopter focus adjustment or, for long-term applications, one can simply attach it to a CCTV camera via the "C" mount adaptor provided.

The Viziscope Fibrescope Kit can also be supplied with an Infra-red (IR) illumination source.

Angle of view:  0° direct forward

Field of view:   50°

Fitted case provided


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