VIP Protective Vest

VIP Protective Vest

Our covert VIP Protective Vest is designed for discreet use for those who would not normally wish to be seen wearing bullet-proof clothing.

The vest, manufactured from special lightweight materials, is tailored to provide maximum comfort to the wearer.  Although the vest will not stop a sniper's bullet, it has been designed to prevent a wide range of small arms from inflicting any wound, or even blunt trauma.  The majority of casualties are caused from this threat (NIJ Level II Protection) so even an inexpensive and lightweight vest such as this will considerably reduce fatalities and casualties.  The vest also provides a level of protection from knife-slash attacks.

For a higher level of protection the VIP Protective Vest can be up-armoured with the addition of our PE127 Ceramic Plates which will prevent damage from high velocity bullets. Pockets for these plates are provided as standard with the vest.

The vest comes in different sizes and weighs a minimum of 1.2kg for the smallest size.

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