KG17 ‘Bodywarmer’ Protective Vest

KG17 ‘Bodywarmer’ Protective Vest

The KG17 'Bodywarmer' Protective vest has been designed for those individuals who may find themselves in high risk situations such as cash-carrying, night patrolling etc., whilst at the same time not wishing to appear to be wearing body armour.

The KG17 Vest is unobtrusive and can be worn either over a shirt or under a large coat.  It is available in a range of colours.

The ballistic panels, concealed in a waterproof container, can be removed for easy cleaning of the vest.  The KG17 Bodywarmer Vest, when up-armoured with CCP ceramic plates, will protect the wearer against most handgun and high velocity ammunition, including AK47 rounds.

The vest is normally provided to NIJ Level 2 protection against small weapons.

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