Special Search Camera Kit

Special Search Camera Kit

The Special Search Camera Kit, or Telescopic Colour Zoom Camera System as it is also called, is a portable, lightweight system designed to provide crisp, high quality full colour images for EOD/IEDD search, as well as SWAT and fugitive surveillance operations. It is ideal for searching shipping containers, ships' holds, cabins, vehicles and any dark, inaccessible locations.

The Special Search Camera Kit consists of a 5 section telescopic pole, which extends from 390mm to 1470mm, with a flexible joint fitted with a watertight colour camera head 60mm diameter x 107mm long which is attached to a 2.5 metre camera cable. Ultra bright light illumination is provided by an LED ring light array in two mixed, switchable banks.

A separate control unit with adjustable neck strap allows hands-free operation and comfortable viewing of the 6.8" colour TFT monitor. The control unit contains controls for camera zoom, power on/off and light switching, as well as the monitor's press buttons for controlling mirror image, rotate, brightness and colour contrast. In addition the control unit contains an integral 12v DC battery, external 12v DC input and 240v AC input for the battery charger.

The Special Search Camera Kit is supplied with a VICAD Video Image Capture & Display System, digital & video recorder and rechargeable battery pack & charger.


Image device: 1.4 inch ITCCD 752 x 582 pixels
Horizontal resolution: 470 TV lines
Auto focus: Yes
S/N: Less than 50db
Min focus distance: 0mm (wide angle setting)
Optical zoom: x10: 4.2mm - 42mm (f1.8 - f2.9)
Temperature: 0 - 50°C

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