NATO Standard SDMS Uprated Search Suit

NATO Standard SDMS Uprated Search Suit

The NATO Standard Uprated Search Suit has been designed specifically for personnel involved in searching for and clearing of mines and terrorist explosive devices. The Uprated Search Suit is modelled on the MK5 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit, but is much lighter in weight,  provides all-round 360° protection, whilst at the same time being comfortable to wear and allowing virtually unrestricted movement. 

This Uprated Search Suit is also supplied with a helmet, visor, and an option of either fragmentation or ceramic plates ceramic plates. The Suit arms, legs, and helmet are each rated to provide STANAG 2920 17 grain Fragment Simulating Projectiles (FSPs) V50 ballistic protection of 450 metres per second (m/s), while the torso is similarly rated to provide enhanced protection to V50 of 600 m/s (the equivalent of NIJ Level IIIA). The choice to use the fragmentation plate provides further enhancement to the V50 protection raising it to 800 m/s, whereas the ceramic plate option further upgrades that area of the suit to NIJ Level III.

The Uprated Search Suit is of modular design, and may be worn with or without sleeves, trousers or optional hand protectors. The jacket contains pockets in the front and back into which the plates (30cm x 25cm) can be inserted.

IMAS:  The Uprated Search Suit meets the IMAS [International Mine Action Standard] 10.30 standard.

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