NATO Standard SDMS Search Suit

NATO Standard SDMS Search Suit

The NATO Standard Search Suit was originally designed in close collaboration with UK Police Tactical Units to protect IED search operators engaged in the search for terrorist explosive devices in public places.

The suit is in use with most UK Police Forces as well as with Police and Military search teams worldwide.  Although the SDMS Search Suit does not offer the same high level protection as the MK5 Bomb Disposal Suit, it provides all-round protection, whilst also being comfortable to wear, and allows virtually unrestricted movement.  The outer material of the SDMS Search Suit is made from fire-retardant ripstop polyster and the inner material incorporates the latest Kevlar® technology fibres.  The suit contains a pocket into which an optional fragmentation plate can be inserted for extra protection.

Weight with plate:       17g

Weight without plate:  15g




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