PLT Mini Portable Air Launcher

PLT Mini Portable Air Launcher

The PLT Mini Portable Air Launcher uses commonly available compressed air to fire a grapnel either from the shoulder or from a solid point on the ground.  It is designed for use by military and police special forces, as well as rescue services.

The PLT Mini Air Launcher fires a titanium grapnel, together with 3mm diameter pilot line with a breaking strain of 180kg.  The horizontal range is approximately 75 metres and the vertical range with double 3mm pilot line, is approximately 35 metres.

Repeated firings can be made from the rechargeable cylinder without it displaying any smoke, heat or flash.

A 6m heavy-duty, flexible, wire-sided ladder can also be supplied with the PLT

Weight of launcher:                 1kg

Overall length incl. grapnel:     70cm

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