Fast Rope Kit

Fast Rope Kit
Fast Rope Kit
Fast Rope Kit

Tried and tested by many of the best Special Forces units worldwide, the Fast Rope Kit comes either as a complete kit or can be made up to clients’ specifications.  The Fast Rope Kit and the F.R.I.E.S. (Fast Rope Insertion and Extraction System) are specifically designed for durability and ease of use, increased deployment and retrieval speed, as well as reducing risk to helicopters and personnel. 

All Fast Ropes and F.R.I.E.S. are available with a range of terminations, including the new and innovative lightweight Dynalite Termination (D.L.T.), the Multifit Termination (M.F.T.) and also a range of accessories, including gloves, bags, and harnesses for various applications.  A Quick Release Mechanism (Q.R.M.) is also available for the rapid release of Fast Ropes and F.R.I.E.S. in case of emergency. 

Fast Rope.  The Fast Rope is available in 40mm diameter and with the following lengths:  12.2m, 18.3m, 27.4m or 36.6m.  

F.R.I.E.S. Fast Rope.  Designed as a multi-use product for rapid deployment and retrieval, reducing the risk to helicopters and personnel.  Each F.R.I.E.S. can carry 6 fully equipped personnel with its loop and lanyard system and can also be used as a regular Fast Rope.  A 27.4m rope is supplied as standard, with a longer option of 36.6m.  Shorter lengths of 12.2m and 18.3m can also be supplied.

Dynalite Termination.  This offers significant weight savings over metal terminations, and eliminates risk of injury to personnel on the ground when ropes are released post-deployment.  

Standard Conical Fitting.  This is designed for use with helicopter cargo hooks and hoist systems.  It is attached with a bolt and split-pin arrangement.

Multifit Termination.  Strong and reliable, the versatile M.F.T. has been designed to fit a wide range of helicopter cargo hooks and hoist systems.  It saves weight compared to most other terminations and features a 45mm machined eye, allowing for fast attachment. 

Spliced Eye.  The polyester-protected splice eye is ideally suited for descent from towers in training situations.  It may be easily slung over support beams or scaffolding during training.

Quick Release Mechanism.  This is a brand new device designed for the release of Fast Ropes and FRIES used during fast evacuation from helicopter.  It offers a wide opening/gate and a push-button release system fitted with safety pin.  It can also be used with metal terminations.  Weight: 1600 g Material: Aluminium Alloy.

Fast Rope Gloves.  Manufactured from reinforced leather with wool lining and Velcro wrist adjustment.  Kevlar lined palms provide further wear and heat resistance when Fast Roping.

Deployment Bag. This bag has been designed for rapid deployment of Fast Ropes.
Holds 27.4m and 36.6m ropes.  Colour: Olive Drab.

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