Infra-Red Telescopic Camera

Infra-Red Telescopic Camera

The Infrared Telescopic Camera System is a portable search kit ideal for use by police, customs and special forces for searches of buildings, ships, aircraft and vehicles for firearms, explosive devices, contraband and criminal suspects. The Infrared Telescopic Camera System can also be used for short-term surveillance.

The Infrared Telescopic Camera System is highly versatile, comprising a high-resolution monochrome camera integrated with a powerful infrared illumination system mounted on a telescopic pole. (A colour camera is available at modest extra cost). The infrared illuminator enables the operator to 'see' in small, confined areas of total darkness. The displayed image is viewed on a compact monitor, which is fitted into a chest-worn pouch to maximise mobility. Alternatively, a head-up display can be used, avoiding emission of any stray light. Power is supplied by a rechargeable, battery pack within the chest pouch.


Excellent range up to 12 metres in total darkness
Battery Powered up to 2 hours continuous use
High-resolution monochrome monitor
Automatic gain control no adjustment necessary for differing light levels
Fixed focus with large depth of field no need to refocus
Highly portable and robust
Simple to set-up and easy to use
Video output allows use of ancillary equipment
Lightweight comfortable to use and carry for extended periods
Robust carrying case protects the equipment for both storage and transportation


Standard set contains:

Telescopic pole with camera head/illuminator control unit 4" monochrome monitor 1 x battery pack battery charger chest pouch carrying case and instructions


Viewing head: Size: 225 x 44 x 60mm including illuminator

Camera: Monochrome 1/3 inch Sony 752 x 582 pixels. Sensitivity: 0.0003 lux

Illumination: Infrared LED array 940 nm

Power: NiMH 12V DC 2.5 Ah rechargeable battery in chest pouch

Telescopic pole: Type: Lightweight telescopic. Length: 460 - 1600 mm extended. Weight 0.6kg

Monitor: Type: Monochrome LCD 7" screen. Resolution:1440 x 234 lines

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