Transportable Jammer

Transportable Jammer

Equipped with a wide range of frequency jamming modules the PE249 Transportable Jammer system can be deployed in just minutes to protect VIPs, military, security staff or EOD teams from remote controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs).

This comprehensive system can cover the RF communication threats between 20 MHz and 3 GHz.

The mission fills in 6 separate bands are set at the time of manufacture. The user is able to select which of the 6 pre-set bands to load before operational deployment to negate the potential threat. Should the threat change during operational deployment, the transportable jammer can be programmed in the field to negate the threat. This includes the ability to program clear communication windows.

With the remote control, jamming output power can be adjusted to suit the environment and potential threat. The antennas used for this system maximize the jamming area for different scenarios.

Both the transporting wheel assembly and the antenna mount are removable, and the battery hot swapping facility provides an extended jamming period.

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