Manual Pole Grab

Manual Pole Grab

The Manual Pole Grab an up-graded version of the original model, with a longer reach and the ability to lift and move a larger suspect Improvised Explosion Device (IED) with ease.

This lightweight manually operated manipulator has been designed to provide additional safety to an operator who is presented with a potentially lethal package.  This manipulator will enable the operator to move the suspect device to a more favourable location, where it can be dealt with.  Whilst some manipulators are supplied without wheels, following trials SDMS has decided that this manipulator should be fitted with wheels that are adjustable for position to make the equipment able to deal with packages in a wide variety of positions. 

The manipulator is manufactured from non-magnetic materials and it can be used in conjunction with the SDMS Explosive Disruption Shield to provide an enhanced level of protection for the operator.  It is fitted with a hand operated ‘claw’ to enable the operator to grip and lift suspect packages.  The manipulator is easily folded without the use of tools and is supplied in a holdall to aid carriage and storage.

Extended Length:       4.3m in front of operator

Folded Length:           1.5m

Lifting Capacity:          4kg



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