TALAN 3.0 Telephone & Line Analyser

TALAN 3.0 Telephone & Line Analyser

Widely use by government ECM operators, the TALAN introduces a new, state-of-the-art capability to rapidly and reliably detect and locate illicit wire taps on both digital and analogue telephone lines.

The TALAN 3.0 combines technology into a suite of telephone tests, including an automatic switching matrix for testing all pair combinations.  It also provides the capability to perfom multiple tests to analyse communication lines for eavesdropping devices.  For example, if a cable has 8 conductors, there are 28 combinations of pairs to test, and TALAN can automatically test all combinations, storing the data for comparison and analysis.

Other tests undertaken by TALAN include:

Digital Demodulation

Frequency Domain Reflectometer (FDR)

Non-Linear Junction Detector

Digital Multimeter Tests

High Gain Audio Amplifier and Built-in Audio Oscilloscope

RF Analysis and Detection

Multi-Test Database System



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