Rigid Search Endoscope Kit

Rigid Search Endoscope Kit

The competitivele priced Rigid Endoscope Search Kit has been developed for use by specialist Police, Customs and military operators for a wide range of applications, including narcotics and contraband detection, IEDD and EOD.

The Rigid Search Endoscope's very high quality optics tube is made of extremely rugged stainless steel.  It has a diameter of 12mm and a working length of 300mm, with a 90º lateral direction of view and a 30º field of view.

The focus is fully adjustable from 10mm to infinity, and the integral high-power fibre optic lighting provides bright and safe "cold light" illumination, ensuring that there is no hot lamp at the end of the endoscope's tip.

Kit consists of:

Rigid Endoscope:  12mm diameter, 300mm working length.

Flexible Light Guide:  5mm active fibre diameter, 2 metres long.

High Intensity Light Source:  24W miniature metal halide arc lamp.  30 million lux.  12V DC.

Battery Belt Charger:  Adjustable waist-belt with pouch to take light source and 2 x integral rechargeable battery packs.

Carrying case.

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