The Oscor Green is a hand-held spectrum analyser with a rapid sweep speed and functionality suited for detecting unknown, illegal, disruptive and anomalous rogue transmissions across a wide frequency range. This capability makes the Oscor Green the ideal tool for detecting sophisticated RF signals in the toughest environments. It is an ideal product for the following:

* Fast Sweep Time                    * Evaluating communication channel utilisation
* Complete Package                  * Investigating misuse of the RF Spectrum
* Trace Analysis                        * Security surveys for eavesdropping detection
* Fast Location of RF signals      * Wireless service providers and installers
* Site Survey for communications systems (cell towers, microwave links, etc 

Eavesdropping detection is an important aspect of VIP protection.  Businessmen, movie stars, royalty, sports figures, politicians and other celebrities rely on VIP security services to protect them from individuals wishing to stalk, spy, harass or threaten.

The Oscor Green sweeps 2.4GHz in 1 second in 12.2kHz steps.  Fast sweep time, built-in antennae and on-board software make the Oscor Green easy and quick to deploy, optimising total operational speed.

The size, speed and portability for the Oscar Green are important, but the trace analysis functionality adds dimension by providing full analysis of trace and signal data on-board.  Perform trace analysis on–screen without the need for a laptop. Functional features of the Trace Analysis software and easy navigation contribute to the Oscor Green’s efficient sweep performance.

1. Displays 24GHz of live trace data per second at 12.2 kHz resolution.
2. Quickly detects localised RF energy transmissions of all types of modulation.
3. Detail zoom mode investigates and zooms in on signals in the spectrum without interrupting full spectrum peak trace capture.
4. Patented Trace Analysis is built into functionality. Reference and target traces are quickly captured, stored, and compared for complete RF mapping solution.

The Oscor Green is lightweight (9.6lbs/4.4kg), small and hand-held for easy mobility through target areas while collecting trace data and performing signal analysis.  The built-in antennas and analysis software make it easy to deploy, and quickly capture and compare spectrum data from multiple locations.

Dimensions: 11.5” x 13.2” x 3” (29.2cm x 33.5cm x 7.6cm)
Weight with battery: 9.6lbs (4.4kg)
Case Dimensions: 5.5” x 14.9” x 19.5” (14cm x 37.8cm x 7.6cm)
Loaded Case Weight: 21lbs (9.5kg)
Operating temperature: 0 degree C to +50 degree C

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