Midi X-Ray Screening Cabinet

Midi X-Ray Screening Cabinet

The Midi is the ideal x-ray screening system where space is at a premium.  It takes up less space than most smaller conveyorised systems but has a comparable chamber size and imaging area.

The Midi is designed for the speedy and accurate examination of the contents of briefcases, handbags, backpacks, parcels and mail to detect the presence of small weapons, narcotics, explosives and other contraband.

An item to be inspected is placed inside the Midi's spacious cabinet and, with a single press of a button, or click of a mouse, the contents of the package appear on the screen.  Any package which arouses suspicion can be examined in detail via the lsis software which is packed with features, such as edge enhancement and optical zoom, to allow exceptional interrogation of suspect items.

Size:                                   1420 x 495 x 640mm

Inspection Chamber:          534 x 485 x 585mm

Door opening:                     530 x 368

Weight:                               120kg







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