Hand-Held Thermal Imaging Camera

Hand-Held Thermal Imaging Camera

The HandHeld Thermal Imaging Camera is undoubtedly the most competitively priced, hand-held device designed to enable law enforcement to see clearly in total darkness, thus providing an undeniable tactical advantage.

Using the same heat-seeking technology as airborne military and police surveillance units, the highly affordable Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera enables operators to gain the information they need to make quick decisions, thus enhancing mission effectiveness and maximizing operation capabilities.

People cannot hide their heat, so the Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera enables operators to:

See suspects in total darkness
See through smoke, dust and light fog
See through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions
See more – and see further – than with other low-light vision goggles.

The Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera comes as a complete system with Handheld Thermal Camera, USB Power Adapter/Charger, Wrist strap, Custom Video out cable (320 version), USB Cable, Quick Start Guide, Molle bag.

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