Furtive Low Noise Drill (LND)

Furtive Low Noise Drill (LND)

The Furtive Low Noise Drill (LND) replaces the SU318 Stealth LND which is no longer in production.

The Furtive LND is a rapid deployment low noise drilling system, designed and manufactured in the UK. A splash-proof battery powered control unit drives a slow, high torque, low noise drill and a peristaltic water pump. The pump enables the use of water fed diamond core drills — essential for drilling hard materials such as concrete. Operation of the control unit is simple, via individual pump/drill speed controllers and a multi-function ON/OFF/CHARGE switch. A specially designed water collector creates a 'closed circuit' system resulting in practically no mess. Waste settles in a water container and stone cores are removed with the supplied core removal tools.

The drill’s custom-built geared motor has an adjustable speed from 0-75rpm. A 10mm keyless chuck enables the use of other 'dry' drill bits and pin-holing tools. An innovative ‘Auto-Push’ device relieves the operator and provides an accurate and consistent driving force of 50 newtons (5 kgs) to the drill. For main hole drilling, special 10mm diameter thin-wall core drill bits are supplied.
For pinhole drilling, the kit includes a 1mm drill holder attachment (and 1mm drill bits) that are used with the supplied extension tubes.

The typical sound level from the entire system drilling concrete with water at ~35rpm is 39-42db.

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