Forcible Entry Tool Kit

Forcible Entry Tool Kit

The Forcible Entry Tool Kit is primarily designed for fast, forcible entry and penetration, whereby police and security forces can quickly pry open locks and doors in seconds and easily break through brick and concrete block walls within a few minutes.

The Forcible Entry Tool Kit comprises one Ram Bar, five Tool Bits (7.6cm (3"), narrow Chisel, 2.5cm (1"), wide Chisel, 35.4cm (14"), Bullpoint, 26.7cm (10.5"), Lockbreaker Claw 32.0cm (12.6") and  Metal Cutting Claw, as well as a carrying bag.  The Bullpoint tool is designed for breaking concrete and masonry materials.  The Chisel Tool Bits are designed for breaking concrete, prying and breaking bolts, as well as breaking brick and block walls.  The Lockbreaker is designed for prying and forcing open doors, windows, twisting hasps and breaking locks.  The Metal Cutting Claw is designed for punching and cutting sheet metal of vehicles, aircraft and metal objects such as corrugated sheds and large cans.

Weight:         13.2kg (29lbs)

Overall size:  80.0cm (31.5")

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