EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Shield

EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) Shield

The SE127B EOD Shield is a purpose built Shield specifically for the intended use in Explosive Ordnance Disposal operations.

It provides a large area of protection from which EOD operators can be positioned behind, ensuring a stable barrier that offers a high level of protection against the threat of explosives and fragmentation.

It was developed to offer maximum over-pressure and fragmentation protection during explosive disposal operations.  The EOD Shield is equipped with spring-loaded legs which are easily stowed.  One easy motion releases the support legs into the deployed position, allowing the shield to be self-supporting.

Size:    1270mm (H) x 760mm (W) - +/- 10mm each dimension

Weight: 25kg +/- 1kg

Materials:  The shield is constructed of multiple layer, compression-mounted Aramid composite laminate.  The Ballistic Visor is made of bullet-resistant glass. Outer material is Cordura.

Ballistic Protection:  V50 rating using STANAG 2920 test specifications: 700m/s.

Impact Attenuation:  Forehead and forearm impact attenuation foam pads are built into the inside surface of the shield.

Fittings  Stainless steel, mild steel and aroured plate.

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