Desktop Mail Scanner

Desktop Mail Scanner
  • Excellent discrimination
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Completely reliable

In use for over 25 years, this highly discriminating letterbomb detector is quite simply the best of its kind in the world.  It has become the accepted standard equipment for worldwide governments and private organisations that could become targets of bomb attacks.

The Desktop Mail Scanner uses the most up-to-date micro-processor technology to screen objects of mail up to approximately telephone directory size.  It will detect virtually every known type of letterbomb detonating device, regadless of the type of explosive used, whether plastic or otherwise.  It wil also detect razor blades and mousetrap devices.

The equipment employs simple touch-pad operation and requires no specialist training.  It will run off AC mains power but incorporates its own internal batteries should the mains power fail.  Thousands of items can be examined each hour.

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