CMP Foldable Non-Magnetic Mine Prodder

CMP Foldable Non-Magnetic Mine Prodder

The CMP is a one-piece, foldable, sectional mine-prodder that has been designed for easy stowage by de-mining operators when breaching minefields or undertaking mine clearance work. 

The CMP Mine Prodder can be carried in a pocket or webbing pouch and can be assembled in seconds.  It is supplied with a fist guard to offer protection from blast and fragments from anti-personnel mines.  The CMP complies with UN Mine Action standards and is regarded as an essential piece of equipment for mine clearance operations.

The CMP is fabricated from 316 grade stainless steel and high tensile steel cable.

Overall length:     590mm

Probe length:       395mm

Probe diameter:   6mm

Folded lentth:       140mm

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