Checkpoint D Document Verifier

Checkpoint D Document Verifier

The Checkpoint D is a robust, cost-effective instrument designed for the examination of all types of documents where speed and efficiency are the priority. It is used at Airports and Seaports for the checking of travel documentation, in Banks for verifying identity documents, at Customs Posts for authenticating carnets and bills of lading and in Police Stations for a first examination of Questioned Documents.

The small size of the Checkpoint D allows easy and unobtrusive use. It contains all the necessary light sources to check most current documents' security safeguards and to highlight fraudulent alteration.

Specification - Light Sources Ultraviolet

  • Two 365nm 9 watt compact lamps

Mounted above the working area these lamps give up to 5 times more UV output to similar lamps.


One 9 watt compact white lamp

  • Mounted centrally and giving even illumination over the entire working area.
  • For general visual examination where room lighting may not be adequate.


  • Two 9 watt compact white lamps mounted behind a sloping diffusing screen which forms the base of the work area.
  • For the examination of water marks, security strips and Perfect Resolution Features.
  • One 20 watt dichroic reflector halogen lamp mounted to give a parallel beam towards the partially reflective window.
  • By adjusting the screen the retroreflective security feature may easily be seen on Confirm Security laminates.
  • One 20 watt dichroic reflector halogen lamp mounted to give a parallel beam down the work surface. For the highlighting of dry embossing stamps, erasures and indented writing.
  • Size: 30 x 25 x 22cm
  • Weight: 4.25kg
  • Electrical: 220/230/240 VAC 50Hz

A 3x hand-held magnifier is supplied with every instrument. This is housed in a storage wallet mounted on the side of the Checkpoint D. There is adequate room in the wallet for the storage of other useful items. Handles can be fitted to suit customer requirements at no extra cost.

12 Volt D.C. version is available with one UV lamp and one transmissive lamp.

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