Ceramic Knife

Ceramic Knife

Bomb technicians deserve the best and most innovative technology available when disarming bombs.  The Ceramic Knife is one such innovative tool that has recently been developed to disarm fibre-optic bombs and IED's.

Most types of tools are metallic and so conduct static electricity, which is not good when operators are trying to disarm the sophisticated bomb devices that terrorists are now capable of constructing.  Any type of spark can trigger an explosion with deadly consequences.

The non-magnetic Ceramic Knife utilises a plastic holder and solid ceramic blade.  Since there is nothing metallic on the tool, there is minimal chance of sparking from static electricity.  The solid ceramic blade is also extremely sharp.  It can easily cut through metal wires and even fibre-optic glass. Completely non-magnetic and non-conductive.  Razor sharp black ceramic knife blade with a stiletto point and anti-slip handle.   Blade length is 75 mm.

Size: 200mm x 30mm (max) sheathed

Weight: 36 grams

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