AD360 Hand-Held Metal Detector

AD360 Hand-Held Metal Detector

The new (Year 2010), UK-made AD360 hand-held metal detector has been designed to give the operator a simple to use detector that has a 360° detection field around the entire circumference and tip of the detector's search probe.

The AD360 was designed with tactical law enforcement applications in mind, where a very rugged all-weather and compact hand-held metal detector is required.

The AD360 is small enought to fit in a pocket, clip on a belt with the belt clip holster provided, or mount inside a patrol vechicle. It contains a noise, LED and silent vibration alarms.

Size (handle end):       24cm (9.3") x 4.4cm (1.73")

Weight:                        219g (7.75oz) including battery.

Power:                         1 x 9V alkaline or rechargeable battery.



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