Universal Telescopic Trolley Mirror

SDMS Product Code : SE165

NATO Stock No. : 5120-99-3322622

Found in: EOD and Search, Inspection Equipment

The Universal Telescopic Trolley Mirror is a four-wheeled, convex-shaped trolley mirror that offers excellent value.  It incorporates the best features from older model trolley mirrors, and is inclined towards the operator to provide a better field of view.  The base is manufactured from weather-resistant, high-quality stainless steel upon which is mounted a virtually unbreakable mirror which can be removed for cleaning or storage.

The base of the Universal Telescopic Trolley Mirror measures 37cm x 30cm and contains a convex-shaped inspection mirror and an array of energy-efficient LED lights whcih provide bright illumination.  The mirror is mounted on a rugged, stainless steel, wheeled base.  

The Universal Telescopic Trolley Mirror incorporates a rechargeable battery for the LED lights and waterproofed recharging socket as well as a waterproofed On/Off switch.

A separate torch is supplied and fits on the telescopic handle.  It can be removed to allow for a search of a suspect vehicle's interior.  The torch is powered by standard, off-the-shelf, D-cell batteries.

The Universal's telescopic handle extends from 55.5cm to a very lengthy 171cm (22" to 67") allowing the operator much further reach than with most conventional mirrors.  When in the folded position the handle folds over on top of the mirror base.

Mirror Size:    37cm x 30cm
Handle:          55.5cm x 171cm
Weight:          8kgs

Universal Telescopic Trolley Mirror
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