AD 18 Hand-Held Detector

SDMS Product Code : SE143

Found in: EOD and Search, Detectors

The AD18 Hand Held Metal Detector is designed to be amongst the most sensitive hand-held metal detector currently in production.

The AD18 incorporates Linear Detection Technology, which enables all metals, including stainless steel, to be detected at any angle or plane. It is particularly effective for locating tiny metal objects that may have been concealed, or even ingested within body cavities, with pinpoint accuracy.

The AD18 has the ability to be a fully adjustable detector to allow ‘maximum find capability’. It also features a two-position rocker switch or 'Turbo Control' to the left of the on/off switch. In the forward position this switch enables the operator to fully adjust the detectors’ sensitivity by turning the ‘Turbo’, or sensitivity adjustment, knob. The operator can then conduct a super high sensitivity search sweep of the subject. However, when the operator wishes to continue the search to the lower leg and foot area, he/she simply switches the ‘Turbo Control’ to the back position. This allows the AD18 to eliminate large amounts of static metal in flooring (i.e re-bar or steel beams), walls and ceiling, while still being able to detect, for example a hand cuff key or small piece of razor blade in the sock or shoe area, accurately and reliably.

AD 18 Hand-Held Detector
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