Laddermatic 3 Assault Ladder

SDMS Product Code : SF138B

NATO Stock No. : 5440-99-961-2404

Found in: Police and Special Forces, Ladders

The SF138B Laddermatic 3 Assault Ladder is an upgrade of the earlier and now discontinued obsolete SF138A Laddermatic Assault Ladder.

Increased from the previous extended length of 4.4m, the Laddermatic 3 now has a telescopic height of 4.5m. Internal fittings including the couplings are made from aluminium and CNC machined to precisely fit, unlike other ladders of this type, where plastic is used to minimise weight and costs, sacrificing sturdiness and safety. When closed, the Laddermatic 3 has a matt-black finish that is both durable and easy to keep clean. 

Easy to transport and carry, the Laddermatic 3 features a quick latch and lock stabilising bar, making it easier to retract the ladder and add greater stability when working at height, fully complying with the new EN131-6:2019 standards on stabilising bars and lowering the ladder into a stored position.

TECHNICAL:Max Load: 150kg
Classification: EN131-6:2019

Rungs: 15
Approx last climbing height (m): 3.5
Approx working height (m): 5.1
Extended length (m): 4.5
Closed length (m): 1.03
Width (mm): 618
Width stabiliser (mm): 1210
Depth (mm): 121
Weight (Kg): 20.4

Shipping Length (mm): 1074
Shipping Width (mm): 653
Shipping Depth (mm): 156
Shipping Volume (m3): 0.109
Shipping Weight (Gross Kg): 21.9

Carrier Harness

Laddermatic 3 Assault Ladder
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