High Powered IED Jammer

SDMS Product Code : PE248

Found in: EOD and Search, Bomb Containment and Disposal

The protection from the threat of remotely controlled detonation of explosive devices has become a priority in the modern world. To enable an effective response to this threat, a high powered intelligent jamming system has been developed using direct digital synthesis (DDS) technology, which allows precise control of frequency sweeps and hopping. The PE248 digital modular jamming system covers continuously and simultaneously the full spectrum of the most used RF communication frequencies from 20MHz to 6000MHz. This includes dedicated cell phone bands. Each module is programmable to the required jamming frequencies and is easily set up and

Communication frequencies can be programmed by the user into the jammer system. In addition this proposal includes 10 sets of complete portable secure hand held portable communication units with interface boxes; the system is fitted with a local timing device which enables extended use without GPS. Another key feature of the system is that communication is enabled between the 10 portables while jamming is in progress. 

The jamming system is installed in the boot of a vehicle; and a set of high-gain, omni-directional and directional antennas are mounted on the vehicle’s roof. The jamming range of the PE248 is dependent on the prevailing conditions, but is typically 100 metres.

High Powered IED Jammer
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