2-In-1 Go-Bar

SDMS Product Code : SF141

Found in: Police and Special Forces, Methods of Entry

The 2-in-1 Go-Bar is an extremely versatile 20" tool that was designed for Police use in forced entry operations.

The tool consists of an 'A' type lock-puller, a through-the-lock facilitator tool, a shove knife and a gas and water shut-off slot.  The 'A' type lock-puller's purpose is to extract lock cylinders and is also very useful for chopping inspection holes in doors and thin partition walls.  The through-the-lock facilitator tool manipulates the lock to be moved into the 'open' position and the shove-it knife helps force open spring latches and snap latches.

Length:  508mm (20")

Weight:  1.81kg (4lbs)

Colour:   Matt black


2-In-1 Go-Bar
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