Stealth Low Noise Drill

SDMS Product Code : SU318

Found in: Surveillance, Covert Surveillance Equipment

* 70rpm@24V DC     * Easy and fast drill bit change 

* Fully adjustable speed (0-100%)   * Diamond tipped drill bits

* 24V DC NMH (3.300 mAh) battery pack  * Complete set of drill bits

* Hand-held stud/metal/pipe locator

The Stealth Low Noise Drill is a small-sized drill that has replaced all previous drills which are no longer in production. It has several major new features, including an integral rechargeable battery pack and control panel. A more powerful motor and gearbox combine to produce a high torque to the drill face.

The Stealth Low Noise Drill has been designed to enable specialist operators to covertly gain access by drilling though a wall to a target room, or building, in order to obtain audio or visual intelligence. This latest system does not use water to cool the drill bit, which in the past could compromise an operation by leaking water into a “target” location, or clogging the drilling equipment.

The Stealth comes with a hand-held locator which is used to detect any obstacles hidden in the walls before drilling commences, that might endanger the safety of the operator and the operation. 

The Stealth drill equipment can be enhanced with the option of a 1mm diameter micro fibre rigid endoscope which is 300mm long and has a 70 degree field of view. This provides visual surveillance of a “target” room. A stereoscopic stethoscope with dual wall heads is also available. 

Overall Weight: 10.5Kg (in protective case) 
Overall Length: 35.5cm or 14” (from steel mounting plate to tapered shaft)

Stealth Low Noise Drill

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