TG-7 Thermal Imaging Goggle/Binocular

SDMS Product Code : SU316

Found in: Surveillance, Night Vision Devices and Image Intensifiers

  • Revolutionary, lightweight Thermal Imager
  • Highly sensitive uncooled detector
  • Sees through obscurants day or night
  • Reconnaissance & surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Digital zoom & optional magnification lens
  • NTSC or PAL video output

Heat-seeking thermal imaging cameras, with their unique ability to see through smoke and darkness, have become an indispensable item for law enforcement, military, customs and security services.  The rugged and lightweight TG-7 Thermal Imaging Goggle/Binocular, with its sensitive thermal detector and high resolution display, produces crisp images in all weather conditions.  It can either be hand-held or mounted on headgear or a helmet.

A x1 and a x3 magnification lens are provided with the TG-7 as standard, but a x9 lens can also be provided as an option.  By using the internal x2 digital zoom and adding an optional afocal germanium optical magnification lens the TG-7 provides up to x9 long-range thermal surveillance and acquisition.

TG-7 Thermal Imaging Goggle/Binocular
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