Stereophonic Stethoscope

SDMS Product Code : SU298

NATO Stock No. : 1385-99-229-7911

Found in: Surveillance, Audio Visual Equipment

The Stereophonic Stethoscope is designed to be used by Law Enforcement operators for the monitoring of acoustic information through buildings and construction elements such as walls, ceilings, doors and metal objects.

The equipment has also found a specialist use within EOD and Search teams worldwide due to its sensitivity for listening to mechanisms in timing devices and Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

The Stereophonic Stethoscope has been engineered to the highest quality and produces unsurpassed stereo results from the object to be monitored.  By simply placing the detector heads into the wall using the screw dowels or attaching the heads by the use of blue tack, or a similar sticky substance such as chewing gum, the sound will resonate and produce outstanding results.  It even allows for resonance through drill pins which are attached to the sensor heads.

The equipment comes complete with Amplification Unit, External Sensors (2), Pointed Wall Dowels for use in walls and screw-on base of heads (2), Stereo Headset, Hammer Pole and Carrying Bag.


Size: 128 x 99 x 23mm
Nominal output at the phone outlet (Ear): 0.6V 
Output signal amplitude at the output (Rec Out): 1m
Frequency–dependant attenuator provides a roll-off of amplitude-frequency response:
- at the frequency 1 kHz: 6db
- at the frequency 300Hz: 15db
Attenuation between the channels:  40db
Stereo balance adjustment:  10db
Non-Linear distortion factor at Ear at R = 30 Ohm:  0.5%
Amplifier dynamic range:    60db
Current consumption at medium loudness level: 25mA
- internal: 4 x AA 1.5V
- external: 9-12V

Stereophonic Stethoscope
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