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  • Quick and detailed results
  • Automated detection & analysis
  • Locate and eliminate mode
  • Threat analysis tool
  • Regular database updates

Bugging devices come in many different forms but GSM-based bug and tracking devices have become by far the most commonly used type.  This is because they are simple to deploy and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Searchlight provides a cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use solution to counter the GSM threat.

Searchlight can be used to detect and locate GSM/UMTS devices of the following kinds: eavesdropping devices, PDAs, mobile phones, IED detonation triggers, tracking devices, audio and video codecs, modems and alarms.  It can be used to search people, animals, buildings, aircraft, watercraft and rural and urban environments for these devices.

Dependant on GSM activity, the range of Searchlight can be between 3 metres and 50 metres with the range being set by the user.

Size:     431 x 300 x 132mm

Weight: 10kg

Searchlight GSM/UMTS Detector and Locator
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