Hinged Superior Model Handcuff

SDMS Product Code : SF158B

Found in: Police and Special Forces, Miscellaneous

UK manufactured snap-on handcuff built to the exacting design parameters of the US National Institute of Justice.

The strengthened steel hinged handcuffs have a satin nickel-plated finish and are equivalent to the 300M model in design and function. The locking mechanism conforms to the international standards and, being purpose built, the hinged steel linkage connecting the two bracelets provides strength unequalled by chain connection handcuff designs.Features are:

• 3 independently moving ratchet bars, with 6 teeth on each bar providing 25 extra locking positions

• Rotating arm backloads for speed cuffing

• Precision engineering ensures rotating arm swings through the handcuff, engaging the ratchet bars every time

• Double locking mechanism

• Two standard keys are provided with each Handcuff

• Full Compliance with N.I.J Standard 0307.01

• Export licence exempt**

Hinged Superior Model Handcuff
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