The new PRO-6000GSM is the latest version of our highly sophisticated pocket bug detectors.  It features the very latest digital technology and is particuarly suited to locating hidden devices such as GPS trackers, GSM (mobile phone) based bugging devices such as "ghost" phones, as well as all other conventional "bugging" devices.

The PRO-6000GSM features a mammoth 1-6000MHz (6GHz) frequency coverage as well as increased sensitivity to ensure that even the most sophisticated devices can be detected and located.  Such devices include miniature room bugs, mains-powered bugs, telephone bugs, video transmitters, mobile phones, GPS trackers, walkie talkies etc.

A 10 LED barograph display, along with audio tone indicates the signal strengh, thus allowing one to pin-point precisely the location of a concealed transmitter.  The PRO-6000GSM Detector can also be set to a silent vibrate mode.

Size:          97 x 58 x 22mm

Weight:     128g

PRO-6000GSM Mini Bug Detector
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